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  • Episode 133 – One Too Many Hits with the Snake

    Movies discussed: The Quiet Ones, WolfCop, Something’s Coming to Get Us (short)

    Josh returns this episode after some thrilling adventures on the homefront. This week Wolfcop serves to protect us from the middling The Quiet Ones and the skipable Something’s Coming to Get Us.

    Next weeks assignments:


    A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

    Surveillance (short)

    Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

  • Episode 132 – Popeye the Kosher Man!

    Movies discussed: Chillerama, P.O.E. Project of Evil, Burnt Grass (short)

    We give Josh the night off this week (but just the ONE!) because he’s busy welcoming his new daughter into the world. Fortunately for us, the lovely and talented Chip Limeburner (you’ve prolly heard us mention him before) was able to fill in. So find out how Burnt Grass impressed us, Chillerama was a fondly made but flawed movie, and how P.O.E. Project of Evil is so bad we expected it to resurrect Clippy from Microsoft Office.

    Next weeks assignments:


    The Quiet Ones

    Something’s Coming to Get Us (short)

    Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

  • Episode 131 – Roving Bands of Yuppies

    Movies discussed: It Follows, Zombie High, The Muck (short)

    This week we prefer the Muck to attending Zombie High and It Follows has stayed with us all week. Did we mention we have merch now?

    Next weeks assignments: anthology films!


    P.O.E.: Project of Evil

    Burnt Grass (short)

    BURNT GRASS from Ray Wong on Vimeo.

    Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.


  • Episode 130 – Emmet Otter’s Jug Band of the Damned

    Movies discussed: Zombeavers, Wyrmwood, Box Room (short)

    After months of anticipation we finally watch Zombeavers this week. Wyrmwood thrills us, and Box Room . . . well . . . that one you should maybe just see for yourself. (Or SHOULD you?!?!?!?!)

    Next weeks assignments:

    It Follows

    Zombie High

    The Muck (short)

    The Muck from Scotchworthy on Vimeo.

    Watch along if you like and we’ll see you next week.

  • Episode 129 – The Go-To Load

    Movies discussed: Digging Up the Marrow, Burning Bright, Splinter, The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley (short)

    This week, we marvel at how Burning Bright makes good on a gonzo premise, are by and large pretty okay with Digging up the Marrow, and have an intense debate about camping with the excellent Splinter. Plus: the kids these days.

    Next weeks assignments:


    Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

    Bonus horror short film: Box Room (short)

    ‘Box Room’ SXSW Short Film 2014 from David Lester Mooney on Vimeo.

    Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.