Episode 205 – Big Lumpy Nubs

Movies discussed: Stay Alive, Pulse (2006), Fear Dot Com, Alexia (short)

We watch Patreon backer Ian’s picks this week! Stay Alive, Pulse (2006), and Feardotcom all illicit responses from us. Boy howdy.

Next weeks assignments:

The Hidden

Der Samurai

WNUF Halloween Special

Mr. Creak (short)

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

2 Responses to Episode 205 – Big Lumpy Nubs

  1. Upon it recovery i decided to relive my shame and make my defense of of some of what i made you watch.
    Alexia (Short) since you seemed to like this no need to go into great detail. One subtle thing i liked. When the Alexia face becomes scary and the guy goes to turn off the computer i like that the face follows his movement.
    I really enjoyed Stay Alive and again since you largely enjoyed it not much i need to say about it. I like the concept and the environment and visuals. liked the blending of the real world and game.
    So FearDotCom, First point i knew the ring comparison would come up. point of order the did come out the same year but FearDotCom came out 2 months before The Ring. so it could be that they saw Ringu(1998) and took the idea from that.
    But I like the the visual style and some of the imagery is fun. not a great horror movie but i still enjoy it and there maybe some nostalgia there.
    I apologize entirely for Pulse, My memory of it was much better than what it is upon re-watch. I should have had you watch the Original Japanese. That one is more of an existential horror rather than jump scares. there is some good dark imagery in the remake but over all not great.

    • Avatar Matt Allex
      Matt Allex says:

      It’s all good man. There are things that work for some and not for others, and we have all had the experience of a movie not holding up as well as our memories think it should. The suggestions and feedback are always welcome!