Episode 27 – Filled With Bughuuliness

Movies discussed: The ABC’s of Death, Sinister, Silent Hill: Revelation

So this week Josh shits all over Matt’s enjoyment of The ABC’s of Death while Adam stands by amused. We all find Silent Hill: Revelation kinda meh and find something to enjoy in Sinister. Also, Adam and Josh argue about plot holes in Sinister, which is awesome.

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This weeks assignments: Movies where a meteor brings aliens to Earth or some shit. (We’re trying to be all topical about the Russian meteor strike based on a listener suggestion. Thanks Charles!)

Attack the Block

Night of the Creeps

The Blob (remake)

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

11 Responses to Episode 27 – Filled With Bughuuliness

  1. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    I forgot to mention that in L for Libido, there’s a point at which the dude strapped to his chair looks over at the torture lady, and from beneath her skirt an eye emerges from her vag and blinks.

    This is what ABC’s of Death did to me: it was so full of nonsense it made me forget about the vag-eye.

    Talk about vagitus.

  2. T is for Toilet immediately made me think of “Death Bed: The bed that eats” and how you guys should do that some week.

  3. You didn’t talk much about whatever W stood for, but what I heard sounded neat for a short. How similar is it to Daft Punk’s Prime Time of Your Life music video? That thing still bothers me.

    Also, I’ve seen Scream for the first time recently, and I enjoyed it. I also saw Jason X as my first Jason movie. It was not very good.

  4. Yeah, you guys pretty much nailed it for Silent Hill. The one other bad thing about 3D I realized with Silent Hill was that there was a lot of black in the movie. Solid black does not work in a 3D movie. It just goes flat, literally. So you end up with half of the stuff on the screen being 3D and anything black just sits on the screen like a 2D movie. So you had a 2.5D movie.

  5. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    Hey, Mr. Editorializes-in-the-synopsis, Adam shit on ABCs almost as much as I did; there were maybe two or three he liked that I didn’t. He was all “hated it,” “dumb,” “awful,” and he was all right. :-)

  6. Avatar Adam Dunnnnnn
    Adam Dunnnnnn says:

    plus josh its harder to say that i shit on anything when for the foreseeable future i am a truth spewing rectangle on matts dining room table

    but yeah i shit all over that movie.

  7. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    And possibly a bowtie.

  8. Avatar RedMinjo
    RedMinjo says:

    Either your podcast is influencing the Netflix “people also searched for” feature, or horror is a bit of a small world. Was searching for some horror movies to watch, and 3/4 of the results were movies you had done for the show, including The ABCs of Death. It cannot be overstated how bad F, L, and Z are. O and W, also terrible. X was exactly the kind of thing I don’t want to watch, but it wasn’t bad, just 2gory4me.