Episode 41 – Dagon’s Dinner Bell

Movies discussed: Dagon, Leviathan, Ghost Ship

We plumb the depths of nautical horror with the delightful ensemble cast of Leviathan, the strangely compelling Dagon that left us all scratching our heads, and lost all floating hope for Ghost Ship.

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Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

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Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

4 Responses to Episode 41 – Dagon’s Dinner Bell

  1. I thought Dagon was pretty good, up until the end. There were some effects that were pretty bad but I was into the story. I also dug that most of the movie looked like a Mike Mignola comic book. The only things that really derailed it for me were seeing Dagon and the fact that the main dude goes as far as lighting himself on fire to avoid getting it on with his sister and living as a fish-man, only to just go with it after she saved his now charred ass. 6.5/10

    Ghost Ship had that sweet opening kill and I thought it looked good when they were on and in the ghost ship. Other than that I can’t think of anything this movie has to offer (except for letting me know it’s not cheating if it’s with a ghost). 4/10

    Leviathan was pretty solid. We had an all-star cast of Evil-Lyn, Winston Zeddemore, Robocop/Buckaroo Banzai and one half of the Sticky Bandits. There’s no way that could have been bad. The creature effects were pretty lame just as you guys said, though. 7/10.

  2. @Mike how was it having the first week that you were finally n’sync with us as far as the episodes. was the show more enjoyable than when you werent caught up?

    • It was awesome. The show was always really entertaining, even having not seen some or any of the movies discussed. It was really cool knowing exactly what you guys were talking about for an entire episode and getting the references. I always set Saturday nights aside for horror movies so it’s also pretty sweet having my movies planned now.

  3. Avatar BlUsKrEEm
    BlUsKrEEm says:

    “Dagon” reminds me of “Messiah of Evil” one of my all time favorites. If you guys haven’t seen it the movie is public domain and is definitely worth checking out at archive.org.