Episode 42 – Hey Turbonerds, Relax.

Movies discussed: The Collection, Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, V/H/S/2

We take a look at sequels to movies we have covered in previous episodes this week and discuss the pros and cons of sequels and prequels in general. We all enjoy The Collection, and everyone also gets down with Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed. V/H/S/2 can suck it though.

Also, check out these awesome horror-inspired Ben & Jerry’s flavor parodies we found on reddit!

Also, also, Matt is gonna pretend he put that spooky echo on the podcast on purpose so he doesn’t have to feel like such a failure of an engineer.

Next weeks assignments: Modern Horror!


American Mary

The Purge

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

3 Responses to Episode 42 – Hey Turbonerds, Relax.

  1. Avatar Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN
    Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN says:

    we gotta stop recording in that abdandoned church

    • Raederle helped me fix most of the audio issues before AoN later that night. We’ll sound much better from now on.

  2. I just wasn’t feeling The Collector. I dug the revenge ending but was annoyed that Arkin didn’t kill him. I loved the way Arkin drew attention to the hotel by shooting the bum. 5/10

    V/H/S/2 was awful. The wraparound story was awful, the bionic eye story was bad, the zombie segment pissed me off, the cult segment was barely bearable until they showed the amateur hour demon. The alien segment was pretty decent, but I’m with Adam on the dog thing. 3/10.

    I really dug Ginger Snaps Unleashed. The only issues I had were that I pegged Ghost as a complete whack job really early on and her “this minute I’m talking in the third person and nuts and the next I’ll be somewhat normal, but really, really into hanging out with you” dialogue. Not big complaints at all, but I would have rather seen her do one of those personality types for the entirety. 7.5/10

    Also, fuck you guys for making me see The Purge. I was going to pass on it until you made it an assignment. Tomorrow I’ll see if it sucks as bad as I’ve heard.