Episode 43 – Salma Hayek in a Haystack

Movies discussed: American Mary, Maniac, The Purge

We watch a trio of recent horror films this week and pick apart our thoughts on the current state of the genre. Along the way we enjoy American Mary and the surprisingly well done Maniac. Then there’s The Purge. Sigh. As you might have guessed, we chose The Purge for this weeks lightning round, or Blitzkrieg Bop as we may call it.

After listening to our 90 second blasts at the movie, we want to encourage you listeners to post a Vine video in the comments to this episode or to our Twitter feed giving us your 6 second Purge reviews. It’ll be fun, I swear.

Next weeks assignments: Random Netflix Streaming Horror!

House at the End of the Street

Storage 24

The Haunting of Whaley House

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

11 Responses to Episode 43 – Salma Hayek in a Haystack

  1. I would listen, but there is a distinct lack of actual podcast in this entry.

  2. Avatar Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN
    Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN says:

    wow our show is actually listenable now.

  3. Avatar dennismiller_vampirehunter
    dennismiller_vampirehunter says:

    If you think someone looks unintelligent for liking the Purge or reading into Inception, then how do you think you look for watching, and enjoying, a lot of really bad horror movies? Do you really think most right-thinking people would judge someone more for liking the Purge than loving Dream Warriors?

    It just seems like you’re hypocritically trying to make people feel like shit, when you have a podcast that is ostensibly about enjoying things that are kind of trash but not feeling bad or apologetic about it.

    I really enjoy the podcast, this episode just has twice the usual Douche-factor.

    • How do I think I look for watching and enjoying really bad horror movies?


      Just like when I defend my enjoyment of professional wrestling or Jackass or Tommy Boy or anything else that qualifies as low brow humor. I know that there is a perception that accompanies certain opinions I espouse, and that’s the risk you take by telling people your open and honest opinion about things. In an age of irony I find myself constantly accused of hipster-ism because I strive to constantly be sincere, and people refuse to believe I enjoy all the things I say I enjoy un-ironically.

      All that to say yeah, I’ll make jokes about people that think the Purge was good, or that enjoy Twilight, or Juno or football or anything else that I find silly or ridiculous. I would never in a million years tell them to literally stop enjoying it or treat them differently because of it. I will add the caveat that I believe everyone should be able to stand some criticism and ribbing about the things they like, there is nothing wrong with making people justify their opinions and explain their preferences. I also think everyone should be able to hear someone tell them that something they like sucks without taking it personally. You’ll hear us do it to each other all the time on the show. Disagreeing with someone, especially over something as trivial as an entertainment preference, is certainly not reflection of the value of their character, whatever hyperbole we might use in trying to keep an improvisational, one-take podcast entertaining.

      Which all leads to the episode having twice the usual douche-factor. I love the idea that there is a Richter scale for douchery and I will openly and gladly say I doubt we as a show nor myself as an individual will ever register a zero on that scale. I also would submit that there may not be a one to one relationship between the douche-factor and the fun-factor, but I think they can and often are related.

      Thanks for the feedback. It is always appreciated.

  4. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    When Matt champions High Tension’s “masterful plot twist,” to ME he sounds dumb about that particular issue. When Adam talks about how funny Chris Farley is, TO ME he sounds like someone who has no concept of what is funny, in this context. And when I talk about how Suckerpunch had deep symbolism and subtext, to THEM I sound dumb about that movie.

    It’s all subjective, and it’s all in good fun. Please listen with not just a single grain of salt, but with an entire shaker. Or, better, a glass rimmed with said salt and filled with margarita. We are not out to hurt anybody’s feelings on this podcast, so if you hear something that could be interpreted as hurtful, please give us the benefit of the doubt.

    • Avatar dennismiller_vampirehunter
      dennismiller_vampirehunter says:

      Or a margarita glass made of salt? (Yes there are Videogames Hotdog listeners that listen to Horrorshow Hotdog).

  5. I really, really like American Mary. I had heard someone a few months back say some good things about it and I decided to hunt it down. I thought the story was very well crafted and the characters were interesting. I agree that the scene with Lance and Mary eating was awesome. It was a surprising bit of character development and that was awesome. Beatress was fantastic. 8.5/10

    I liked Maniac. I didn’t like it as much as I did after listening to the podcast because I was hung up on Elijah Wood’s conversations with himself. The movie had some great stuff going on, but some of the scenes with him talking to himself seemed a little awkward to me. Maybe it was supposed to feel that way? I don’t know. Either way the rest of it was still solid. 7/10.

    Oh, The Purge. I would post a vine video, but 6 seconds won’t accurately convey my feelings for it. I had heard nothing good about this movie, so I was going to pass. Out of nowhere you dick holes make it an assignment. I was complaining about it at work and one of my co-workers said that he saw it and really enjoyed it. A-ha! I finally had a chance that The Purge might be good. Someone actually liked it! My girlfriend and I bought our tickets and cautiously headed in (I even sent out a tweet blaming you guys for this so people knew I didn’t make this choice on my own) and prepared to be “meh’d”. What a pile of shit that movie was.

    #1. You create a world where all crime is legal for 12 hours and you focus on a single home invasion story!? That premise screams anthology to me.
    #2. Every attempted twist was so painfully telegraphed that you had to have been not paying attention at all to be surprised.
    #3. The family was the most illogical group of people I have seen on screen in a long, long time. This goes far beyond the logic that most girls running from masked slashers use when deciding to run up the stairs instead of out the door. You can potentially save your family simply by throwing the THAT HELD A GUN TO YOUR DAUGHTERS HEAD outside, but instead decide to fight…with 2 able bodied people…and your two children in the house…against many well armed sociopaths.

    This movie gets a 2/10 from me solely based on the fact that the head sociopath did a decent job and the face in the table was pretty awesome. That being said, I hope at some point this week all three of you sit down too fast and land on your balls, because I wouldn’t have seen that pile of crap if you hadn’t assigned it.

  6. I have nothing to contribute to this week’s discussion, but I was sick yesterday and watched all of the movies for next week (although I did sleep through most of Storage 24, but I felt that was no great loss.) So, hooray for me once doing the homework. :)

  7. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    I think sleeping through most of Storage 24 is about the only way to watch it.