Episode 45 – Two Scoops of Ass!

Movies discussed: Friday the 13th, Friday the 13th Part 2, Friday the 13th: Part III, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, Jason X, Friday the 13th (remake)

We watched Friday the 13th. ALL OF THEM.

Next weeks assignments: The Evil Dead Trilogy!

The Evil Dead

Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

Army of Darkness

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

8 Responses to Episode 45 – Two Scoops of Ass!

  1. Avatar dennismiller_vampirehunter
    dennismiller_vampirehunter says:

    Really not trying to be a dick; but ever since it first cropped up some episodes ago, I’ve been waiting for the reverb to stop cropping up in new episodes, and this one has it big-time.

    With all due respect, love the podcast despite some of my quibbles, is it a problem that can be fixed?

    • Not a problem, I value technical feedback as much as any other. From the sounds of it, we got it nailed down in episode 46.

  2. Avatar RedMinjo
    RedMinjo says:

    I’ve only seen Jason X and Freddy VS Jason. Freddy was the better part of the crossover, and Jason X was kind of goofy. The dvd for Jason X had a godawful menu screen, which other than stuffing one hologram person in a sleeping bag and beating the other with that, is one of the few things I remember about the movie.

  3. Favorite kills:
    Part 1 The death of the Bacon
    Part 2 Wheelchair
    Part 3 Handstand
    Part 4 Corkscrew into the hand/meat cleaver to the face on George McFly
    Part 5 Fake Jason’s death
    Part 6 Face into the RV bathroom
    Part 7 Sleeping bag
    Part 8 Boxing match
    Part 9 Melting dude
    X Frozen face
    Reboot Sleeping bag roast

    Favorite of the series was Part 7’s sleeping bag kill.

    This was the first horror franchise I ever got into, so I tolerate the recycled simple plot a lot more than I should. I really dig 1-5, 6 and 7 can suck my balls, 8 is awesome 9 and X can also suck it (though I’m a little more forgiving with X) and I really dig the reboot.

  4. You guys deserve an award for watching 11 movies, having jobs and families, and still being able to do the podcast.

    I was kind of surprised Adam skipped recommending #2 to people since it features his favorite kill and having Jason as the killer for the first time.

    I am not a huge Friday the 13th fan, but I have seen most of the movies. Why do I like them? When I was a kid, I thought they were scary. Now, I tend to like the earlier ones because I like the POV shots of the killer stalking his prey with the hiss-hiss-hiss-hah-hah-hah “music” playing over it. I like the tension in those scenes the best. Also, boobs.

  5. Avatar Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN
    Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN says:

    it was tough but i had to say skip part 2. if you want a clear cut path to knowing the storyline. it must be done. you can always watch the best deaths in a youtube compilation.

  6. And since I really don’t have access to Facebook at work, I’m going to drop this list of movies I’d like you guys to review here:

    1. The Hamiltons – A well-done indie horror movie, and apparently it has a sequel: The Thompsons
    2. Last House On The Left – The original for sure, and then maybe the remake as well. You could do the original the same week as Hostel maybe? A prey becomes the hunter week?
    3. Gremlins – I watched it last week, and you can tell they were going to go horror with it but changed their minds about half-way through. It still has some good horror moments in it. Also, Corey Feldman.

  7. Avatar Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN
    Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN says:

    all good suggestions. you may have made a week for us there troy.