Episode 56 – He’s Getting His Quip On

Movies discussed: Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Curse of Chucky

This week we return to a simpler time. A time when children played with dolls instead of each other. Also, the dolls swear and kill people.

Next weeks assignment: Troma movies! (suggested by listener Brian Lindstrom)

The Toxic Avenger

Tromeo and Juliet

Terror Firmer

6 Responses to Episode 56 – He’s Getting His Quip On

  1. I don’t think we’ve ever had such differing opinions on the assignments. Overall, I’m a fan of the series. I don’t think the Child’s Play films (other than the first) ever intended to be more than what they presented themselves to be, which is mindless entertainment. I can get behind that. I think the Chucky premise works because we’ve all come across a toy or a doll that just creeped the shit out of us. Brad Dourif is and forever will be the voice of Chucky. I don’t see anyone else making it work. It’s a Doug Bradley and Pinhead situation. Those guys are forever married to those characters.

    Child’s Play: I like the original idea. I like that the doll is possessed by your run of the mill maniac (admittedly with an odd knowledge of voodoo) that doesn’t have an elaborate scheme. He just doesn’t want to die. I really dig this one. 7.5/10

    Child’s Play 2: I’m still a fan. It has some really cool moments and overall I think it’s really enjoyable. It’s not as tight as the first one, but it’s definitely worth a watch. 6.5/10

    Child’s Play 3: This movie shits the bed. I’m talking a drunken, Taco Bell loose stool shit, too. None of the characters are likeable, Chucky isn’t that fun and the story was weak as hell. I just found myself not caring. 3/10

    Bride of Chucky/Seed of Chucky: The premise of a doll running around and terrorizing people is completely absurd. We all know this. I think these movies represent Don Mancini realizing this and just going all in. These movies are pure camp with violence tossed in and I love them. They both had me laughing my ass off with the absurdity of Chucky having to deal with real world shit like marriage and fatherhood. Bride of Chucky 8.5/10 and Seed of Chucky 8/10

    Curse of Chucky: I really liked it. I liked that it wasn’t all about Chucky. They made us wait for the moments we were all expecting and I appreciate that. The whole series had him running riot and it was cool to get him as a creepy background character through most of it while the screwed up family argued, completely clueless of their impending doom. It built up my excitement and made me wait for the payoff, which the Child’s Play movies aren’t really known for. The whole trying to tie that family back into the original lore was really ham fisted and it hurt the movie, but it didn’t ruin it. 7/10.

    I’d like to place an official request to do a Halloween marathon one week in October. The original 8 would be cool, adding the remakes and doing 10 would probably be a bit much. I remember how rough the Friday the 13th marathon was on everyone.

  2. Avatar Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN
    Adam dUNNNnnnnnNNNnNNNNnnNN says:

    We could try and do all 10 halloweens for the entire run of october shows perhaps. Ill run it by the dudes.

  3. Hey guys, Adam suggested I’d be best to just post here, since this is more a Josh/Matt wheelhouse sort of thing, but I’m wondering if any of you guys might be interested in contributing an article to the website I write for. We’re a Speculative Fiction blog/review site, and we’re wanting to get a more horror/suspense/thriller theme through October. I’m not going to post links or anything here, since that’s sort of jerky, but if any of the three of you are interested in having a chat about what exactly I’m talking about, you should be able to see my email attached to the comment. Hit me up :)


  4. I’m assuming you guys have seen the above, and just nobody is interested.

  5. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun, but we’re super-busy this October putting together a presentation for the Twin Cities Horror Festival. Gotta watch a bad movie about a dozen times and make with the jokes.

    • Well let me know even after that’s done, if you might be interested. Doesn’t have to be during October. Our staff is a little light on horror aficionados, so we wouldn’t ever turn it down if you wanted to contribute something in November etc. Plus, free plugs for all your various sites to our like….dozens, but not dozens of dozens of readers!