Episode 57 – Tromatized

“Episode 57 – Tromatized” by Josh & Adam & Matt. Released: 2013. Track 57. Genre: Podcast.

2 Responses to Episode 57 – Tromatized

  1. I first saw The Toxic Avenger at an ideal age, so this one scored some nostalgia points. I like the heart in this one and the fun absurdity. 6/10.

    This was my first viewing of Tromeo & Juliet. I appreciate what it was, but it wasn’t good enough to devote my full attention to it. 4.5/10.

    Terror Firmer had a small amount of somewhat entertaining moments for an unjustifiably long movie that I’ll never watch again. 2.5/10.

    Overall this was a rough week. I was going to rate Terror Firmer a 1/10, but I’d watch this again before Darkly Noon and I put that at 2/10. At least they looked like they were having fun in Terror Firmer. The worst part was the lack of Adam losing his shit over these movies. That would have been hysterical to hear.

  2. I am a little disappointed. When I recommended these, I said that half of the fun of these would be hearing Adam do to Troma what he did to sleepwalkers. And then Adam isn’t even there. I was flat out amazed when there were any ratings above five. I don’t think that these are good movies, but Troma does have his little niche and I do feel that it has some importance. Just about anyone into horror has hit Troma at some point.

    Anyway, love the show.