Episode 58 – Peter Weller Mullet and the Murder Brigadoon

“Episode 58 – Peter Weller Mullet and the Murder Brigadoon” by Josh & Adam & Matt. Released: 2013. Track 58. Genre: Podcast.

2 Responses to Episode 58 – Peter Weller Mullet and the Murder Brigadoon

  1. The back and forth between Adam and Josh was cracking me up. If Matt wasn’t drugged up I bet he would have been entertained as shit.

    I really like The Fog. Is it too long? Yes. Does it hit some slow points? Yes. Is the atmosphere completely awesome and eerie and does it look great? Absolutely. I dug all the characters, the music and the idea. I’m a big fan. 7/10

    Christine was fun. The nerd to dickhole transformation was awesome. There were parts where Arnie genuinely creeped me out. The overall premise of a murderous car is a bit sketchy, but it was a good time. 6/10

    Vampires was…something. I didn’t love it like Josh, but I didn’t want to punch it in the dick like Adam. It was a very middle of the road vampire story that didn’t wow or disappoint me. I thought the love affair between Malec and blonde was ridiculous and I didn’t buy James Woods as a bad ass vampire hunter at all. That being said, those things didn’t ruin the movie for me. There are a bunch of other vampire movies I’d recommend to people first, but if someone wanted to watch this one I wouldn’t say no. 5/10

  2. Vampires. I haven’t seen it since it was in the theater, but I remember liking it a lot. I am surprised Josh liked it. To me, it is the Boondock Saints of vampire movies. (And I seem to remember him bagging on Boondock Saints.) There’s a lot of style and not a lot of substance to it. It has late 90’s vampire moving written all over it, though.

    I pretty much agree with you guys about Christine. I watched that not too long ago.