Episode 65 – It Goes Dopey in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand

“Episode 65 – It Goes Dopey in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand” by Josh & Adam & Matt. Released: 2013. Track 65. Genre: Podcast.

3 Responses to Episode 65 – It Goes Dopey in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand

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    dennismiller_vampirehunter says:

    I would suggest you watch the original Thing From Another World if you haven’t. I have not yet, but I hear that it explores the cosmic horror aspect of the Thing (while, as reputed, completely losing the shapeshifting angle of the source material, the story “Who Goes There?”). For one thing, there’s more scientists on the scientific research base in the 50’s movie, and there’s supposedly a conflict between the scientists (who want to capture and study the Thing) and the soldiers (who want to kill it).

  2. I watched Dead Alive. I liked it. I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 rebirths.

    The gore at the beginning was pretty nasty. The blood custard was pretty gnarly, but the ear in the custard really is what made me wonder what I was doing eating while watching this. Actually, anytime the zombies sit there and chew on anything made my a little queasy, like when the nurse-zombie takes off and chews the lips of the priest-zombie. As the movie goes on, the gore gets so over the top it moves from disturbing to hilarious. It’s like there’s some kind of uncanny valley where too little gore has no impact at all, too much gets just ridiculous, and then there is the space in between where the gore makes you deliciously uncomfortable.

    Who knew zombies are AFR? And was the nurse pregnant before she became a zombie, or did the rumpy-pumpy lead to the baby bumpy?

    I love the huge amount of gags and other practical effects. The jack-o-lantern-zombie was pretty funny. The greaser’s intestines chasing Lionel all over the house was great as well.

    Basically, I think this holds up watching it for the first time as an adult.

  3. Man Bites Dog was pretty rough. It had some very brief moments of intrigue and then frenchie would dump another body off the cliff or say something dumb. I’ve seen worse. 3.5/10

    Hey, guys. Remember when I said that I’ve seen worse movies than Man Bites Dog? I was talking about The Bay. That movie was a giant, boring turd. 2.5/10

    Turistas had Olivia Wilde. She didn’t get topless, but she’s still Olivia Wilde. Some of it was pretty, but I mostly didn’t care and it didn’t give me a reason to care. 4/10