Episode 77 – Theremin Wang

“Episode 77 – Theremin Wang” from Horrorshow Hot Dog by Josh & Charlie & Matt. Released: 2014. Track 77. Genre: Podcast.

2 Responses to Episode 77 – Theremin Wang

  1. Huh. I watched Europa Report not too long ago and was hardcore meh about it. I would have put it right at 5/10. Which makes me really glad I did not watch Apollo 18. :)

  2. Argento’s Dracula was a rough one. The abuse of the theremin was ridiculous. I love old sci-fi movies, so the theremin and I have a good relationship, but damn. That was horrendous. 2/10

    Apollo 18 somehow managed to be less entertaining than Argento’s Dracula. It had a decent lead in but did (to quote Kuni from UHF) nothing. Absolutely nothing! 1.5/10

    I kind of liked Deadly Friend. 80’s horror always gets a long leash for me because it’s what I grew up on. I recognize the many, many problems with it but it was somewhat entertaining. Maybe I liked it because I watched it after the others. 5/10

    The two shorts were AWESOME. You should keep the extra credit short thing going.