Episode 78 – Hit the Monkey with a Shovel and We’ll Go Out for Ice Cream

Movies discussed: Bad Milo, Hell Baby, Devil’s Pass

This week we all enjoy Hell Baby, Bad Milo puzzles us, (seriously if you know what to make of that movie, leave a comment and explain it to us) and Devil’s Pass impresses at least Matt.

This weeks assignments:

The Hole

Alyce Kills

Dark Touch

This weeks bonus short film assignment: Lights Out

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week!

7 Responses to Episode 78 – Hit the Monkey with a Shovel and We’ll Go Out for Ice Cream

  1. 2001 or 2009 The Hole?

  2. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    2009 The Hole, directed by Joe Dante.

    By the way, if you have trouble sleeping after watching the short (which I did for several nights), here’s a behind-the-scenes video that helps: http://vimeo.com/83231790

  3. Hell Baby was awesome! I laughed my ass off through the whole thing. The whole cast delivered but Key stole the movie. This is going to get heavily recommended to people by me for a while. 8.5/10

    Bad Milo was alright. It’s a decent movie to have on in the background and laugh at some of the bigger moments. 5/10

    Devil’s Pass had a few really cool moments that got lost in a sea of set up. Found footage movies need a really cool setting to have that constant underlying creepiness when nothing else is going on. The Blair Witch Project had some creepy ass woods to fuel it. This did not. This could have been a really cool segment in a V/H/S movie, though. 4/10

  4. I found that the final shot of the short video entirely killed the scary for me. It was -fantastic- up until then though.

  5. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    Man, I thought that ending face was the scariest goddamn thing I’ve seen in years. It stills gives me a bit of the creeps, and it’s been three weeks.

    I guess you can’t argue someone into or out of being scared by something. But, damn.

    • I mean, I was sufficiently creeped out by everything up to that point, that I may have just not even gotten a clear enough look at the face, but my immediate reaction when I saw it was “Ugh, that’s so stupid!” which killed the fear for me.

      I was more creeped out by the face in clear bright light in the ‘making of’ video.