Episode 79 – I Lean Towards Alyce as a Christmas Tree

“Episode 79 – I Lean Towards Alyce as a Christmas Tree” from Horrorshow Hot Dog by Josh & Charlie & Matt. Released: 2014. Track 79. Genre: Podcast.

10 Responses to Episode 79 – I Lean Towards Alyce as a Christmas Tree

  1. Avatar MichaelH
    MichaelH says:

    Here’s a palette cleanser for Lights Out for anyone single. Less good for people with partners.

    • How’s that for synchronicity? We just recorded the new episode and I suggested this short for the week. Josh then mentioned that someone had suggested it in the comments. Great minds think alike.

  2. Lights Out was just down right creepy. We’ve all turned off a light and seen something that wasn’t there. We’ve all heard what we thought was someone or something moving in our house at night. It was short, to the point and relatable. I dug it.

    The Hole was a movie that I was expecting to suck. At first glance it seemed like it was going to be some crappy teenage horror movie where nothing really happened. I was completely wrong. This was a fun horror movie that didn’t get too gratuitous with anything and told a stylized but simple story very well. I thought the cast did a great job and anything with Bruce Dern AND Dick Miller can’t be bad. This is definitely one that I’ll be revisiting. 7.5/10

    Alyce Kills was alright…during the last 20 minutes. There was a ton of build up that wasn’t giving me anything to keep me interested. I didn’t really like carol while she was alive and Alyce received no sympathy from me. She pushed her friend off a roof and decided to kill a bunch of people that can’t be blamed for what happened. I was waiting for the payoff of Alyce finally biting it, but noooooo. We didn’t even get that. There were some decent lines and some of the violence was well done, but overall I’d have to pass on this one in the future. 3/10

    My first impression of Dark Touch was that it was a poor re-imagining of Carrie. I fell asleep multiple times watching this the first time (I wasn’t even tired) and had to re-watch it for the assignment. It didn’t get any better for me the second time around. I didn’t care for the characters or the story. There wasn’t much in it that I could say was all that good to me. 2/10

  3. Avatar dennismiller_vampirehunter
    dennismiller_vampirehunter says:

    In the 80’s movie genre you talk about in reference to The Hole, you guys should watch The Gate (1987), which is also about a hole. It’s on Amazon Instant for rent, but not on Netflix unfortunately. They use a heavy metal album’s liner notes as the Necronomicon.

    • That’s one I keep meaning to watch but haven’t gotten around to yet. I’m definitely up for using it some week.

  4. I sat here, beer in hand, listening to you guys say, “heavy-handed” over and over again, and I ended the podcast sober because someone couldn’t say, “ham-fisted” just once. JUST ONCE!!!!

  5. Avatar Kyle Baadsvik
    Kyle Baadsvik says:

    So I have an odd theme for you guys perhaps for a week. Evil tooth faeries. Granted I’ve only seen two but apparently there are enough of them to round out a typical week so. Darkness Falls (2003) , Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (2010), and The Haunting of Helena (2012). Hopefully thats curious enough for you lot.

  6. As you wish.