Episode 86 – I Cosplay From The Waist Down

“Episode 86 – I Cosplay From The Waist Down” from Horrorshow Hot Dog by Josh & Charlie & Matt. Released: 2014. Track 86. Genre: Podcast.

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  1. Avatar Kyle Baadsvik
    Kyle Baadsvik says:

    So Im supposed to be doing other work which of course means this podcast is a pleasant distraction. So I offer you guys up another theme week. Video game horror movies. Granted none of these are particularly strong entries but the things one must do for a theme. So first up Silent hill of 2006, you guys sort of discussed aspects when you did the sequel but Charlie wasnt around for that. The first Resident evil movie of 2002, which both makes me feel really old, and arguably like the games the earlier they are the closer they are to something like horror. And lastly Stay alive from 2006 which is a goddawful movie that doesnt know what video games are.

    Have fun guys

  2. Blue Ruin was one hell of a treat. I wasn’t expecting much from it and was thoroughly surprised. I absolutely loved the way it unfolded. 8/10

    Ghost Story was pretty decent. I liked the feel of it. It could have been tightened up and was a bit long but I’d revisit this one. 6/10

    I did not like Ms. 45 at all. Not even the last 15 minutes could save this for me. My sympathy for the character ran out quite fast. The one song the band knew and was playing at the party on loop was catchy as hell, though. 2/10

  3. Matt, Straub was born in 1943, and Lovecraft died in 1937. So, no direct connection there. I’ve never read any of his stuff. So I can’t comment on anything more than that. :)

  4. Josh, say what you will about Sleepwalkers, but it did give us Our Lord and Savior Clovis.