Welcome to Horrorshow Hot Dog!

Hey folks, welcome to the first episode! Since nothing screams professionalism like starting off with an apology, lemme just say “Oops, my bad” about the audio quality for about the first 15 minutes of this episode. I get it fixed and it’s not a problem in future episodes, I assure you.

Anyway, we start this episode discussing our favorite moments from the Friday the 13th series. Adam definitely takes the cake in that discussion. Then we talk about what movies actually scared us as adults, and find that there is a common theme among our answers.

Lastly, we give ourselves a three movie assignment to watch before the next episode:

Josh’s pick: Innkeepers

Adam’s pick: Scarecrows (I know the trailer is in German, but I couldn’t find one in English.)

Matt’s pick: C.H.U.D.

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

11 Responses to Welcome to Horrorshow Hot Dog!

  1. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    Some day, I may forgive my 12-year-old self for thinking CHUD was scary.

  2. Matt that is also my favorite scene from Jason X.

    In the Grudge the creepy thing is the weird noise she makes from her broken neck. I know people that would freak out when that sound is made.

    Matt the movie “Inside” you mentioned, is this about a pregnant lady who lost her husband?

    Rec is great, I tend to prefer movies from the original countries rather then American remake of it.

    Prince of Darkness is also a great movie. I like how it changes how you view evil. Plus Alice Cooper is in the movie.

    • Yeah the protagonist in Inside is a pregnant woman. I didn’t go into much detail about the plot as I feel the movie plays best the less you know about it. Killer movie though.

      As for originals vs. remakes of foreign movies, I tend to try to see the original first. REC is a great example of the original foreign film being better. I loved Let The Right One In as well, I haven’t gotten around to seeing Let Me In yet.

      Also, Alice Cooper for the win.

      Thanks for listening.

      • Let The Right One In is a good movie I saw that before the American remake. Inside is one I have been meaning to watch for a long time. I heard it is excellent and unsettling. I have added several of the movies you guys mentioned to my Netflix queue to watch. I suggest “The Orphanage” if you have not seen, it is a movie from Spain and I found it amazing,

        • I have seen The Orphanage, great stuff. Pretty much anything by Del Toro works for me. Please send in any other recommendations you might have. I love finding new stuff to watch.

  3. Avatar Joshua Nite
    Joshua Nite says:

    I loved Let the Right One In, despite watching it all wrong. Apparently it’s about a boy who got his junk ripped off and then was turned into a vampire?

    Anyway, I liked it better when it was about a vampire who looks like a little girl. Just sayin’.

    • Avatar Joshua Nite
      Joshua Nite says:

      I mean, I didn’t watch it and go, “well, that was stunningly shot, beautifully paced, and genuinely chilling at times. But it really lacked a certain, ‘genital mutilation of children’ angle.”

  4. I watched The Innkeepers last night and I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if it would ever get scary and then finally it did in the late last half.