• Episode 111- The Episode of the Mind

    Movies “discussed”: House by the Cemetery, Creepers, Squirm, Night Watchmen (short)

    So technical difficulties made this episode go kablooie. As in, lost in the ether forever. Sorry. Rather than re-record the same thing and have it suck, we’re just gonna carry on. For the curious, here are the scores we gave each film:

    House by the Cemetery: Josh – 2.5 Matt – 2 Charlie – 7.5

    Squirm: Josh – 2 Matt – 4 Charlie – 8

    Creepers: Josh – 7 Matt – 5 Charlie – 7

    Night Watchmen (short): Josh – up Matt – up Charlie – up

    Please keep those scores in mind while composing a substitute episode in your head. Remember, Matt is the funny one.

    Aaaaaaaanyway . . . .

    We’ll have a new full episode up in the next couple days, sorry again about the delay.

    This weeks assignments: Creek week! (movies with creek in the name)

    The Legend of Boggy Creek (This one is available in its entirety on YouTube)

    Blood Creek

    Wolf Creek

    Bonus short film: To My Mother and Father (short)

    Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

  • Episode 110 – C is for Cloaca

    Movies discussed: The ABC’s of Death 2, Grave Shivers (short)

    This week, we manage to talk about ABC’s of Death 2 for longer than the film’s running time, and in the end, it gets an A  from all three of us. Plus: Charlie is polite even when full of rage.

    Next weeks assignments: Movies with wicked cool VHS box art!





    The House by the Cemetery

    house by the cemetery

    Bonus short film: Night Watchmen

    Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

  • Episode 109 – Release the Goldthwait!

    Movies discussed: Willow Creek, Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead, Witching and Bitching, Testement (short)

    This week: much love for Dead Snow 2 and Witching & Bitching, less love for Willow Creek (despite our man-crush on Bobcat Goldthwait). Plus: the proper plural of Bigfoot!

    Next weeks assignments: We take it easy on you and ourselves because IT’S HALLOWEEN WEEK!

    The ABC’s of Death 2

    Bonus short film: Grave Shivers

    Brent Sims’ Grave Shivers from Sims Films on Vimeo.

    Don’t forget! Halloween night at 12:30AM we will be doing a live Riff of Death Bed: The Bed That Eats as part of Twin Cities Horror Fest III at the Southern Theater!

    Watch along with us (IN PERSON AT TCHF III!) and we’ll talk to you next week.

  • Episode 108 – The Polyphonic Spree of Monsters

    Movies discussed: The Canal, The Brood, Shivers, Hands (short)

    This week: we brood about the Brood, Shivers doesn’t really set us to trembling, and Canal hits that love it/hate it/meh trifecta you have come to know and love. Plus: It’s pronounced “‘Ozzie.”

    drew chial

    Also! Matt mentioned some cool obscure horror movie recommendations from a blog that he made a few recommendations to. That blog belongs to Drew Chial who is doing a bunch of excellent horror-related posts during October. Check out the entire thing for all the awesome and insightful goodness, but if you’re short on time here are links to the first two of his eventual three part series on obscure horror recommendations:

    Part 1: Real World/Supernatural Horror

    Part 2: Reality Warping Reels/Romance from the Twilight Zone

    Part 3: (as yet unposted) will be Found Footage/Mockumentary

    Check Drew’s blog out and let him, and us, know what you think of his picks.


    Also also: The Twin Cities Horror Festival is upon us! Don’t forget, in addition to all the amazing shows you can see each and every night, you can see Josh, Matt and special guest Dan Peltzman do a live riff of Death Bed: The Bed That Eats! at midnight on Halloween! Details and all that jazz can be found here.


    Also, also, also: You still have two weekends left to see The Secret of Gravethwait Manor! This is an original theatrical production written by Josh and produced by Matt’s theater company Fearless Comedy Productions. You can find showtimes and book tickets at the Bryant-Lake Bowl website.

    This weeks assignments:

    Willow Creek

    Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

    Witching and Bitching

    Testament (short)

    Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

  • Episode 107 – Emergency Pirouette

    Movies discussed: Dead Silence, Horns, Monkey Shines, The Little Mermaid (short)

    This week: Monkey Shines oscillates between good and so-bad-it’s-good, Dead Silence slam-dunks a ridiculous premise (for 2/3rds of us), and boy do we ever talk about Horns, even though the book was better. Plus: Stephen Root and Heather Graham don’t age.

    Next weeks assignments: Random stuff we thought of!

    The Canal


    The Brood

    Hands (short)

    Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.