Special Edition – Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1

This week while Josh and Charlie are doing their holiday traveling, Matt and Megan give you the rundown on Ash vs Evil Dead Season 1!

We’ll see you all in the new year with a return to our usual format!

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  1. Cool timing, I just got the DVDs finally for Christmas 🙂

    One interesting thing I found with the series is that it’s Kelly, pretty early on, that seems to be set up as the ‘young Ash’ figure rather than Pablo. To the point that in the last episode Pablo is the one to be rescued and Kelly is the one facing the cabin.

    I also really like how the cabin was set up in the last two episodes. The hand in the sunset, and the whole start of the next episode as Ash approaches the cabin. It really did feel epic and was well built up. Even the interruption by Amanda somehow was at just the right time to allow the shift in tone to have Ash walk in to the cabin afterwards. And I think the HD really worked to have seeing around the cabin feel important and different while it looks the same.

    All the deaths in the series are a surprise, but I always feel bad that all the secondary characters seem like they could have had far longer in the show before their demise, or even just exist as a supporting cast to come back to from time to time. From Ash’s boss onwards. Even someone like Heather I was sure was going through so much crap at the end there that I thought she was going to harder, come out the other side as a new team member. Not to be!

    • Avatar Matt Allex
      Matt Allex says:

      Glad you liked it! Totally agree with your assessment of Kelly as Heir to the Boomstick in how she is portrayed as capable, and generally fearless against the Deadites. I was sad to see so many fun little side characters die so quickly as well, having Brujo pop in every now and then as spiritual guide or something would have been fun. It is, at least, consistent with Ash’s lament that everyone he gets close to dies. All of which justifies his “tricking the group and going it alone” move that can be very cliche, but I thought was earned here. We’ll get around to doing season 2 soon enough.