About Us

Josh Nite (Host)

Josh is a 35-year-old comedy writer who currently lives in Minneapolis, MN. He first got into the horror genre as a teenager, looking for movies at the video store that might have boobs in them. He’s probably seen fewer horror movies than either Matt or Adam.

He’s a fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street series (though he thinks Freddy’s Dead is pretty wack) and the first three Hellraisers. He’s not a fan of torture porn, and is most likely to be genuinely creeped out by supernatural horror like the Ring, the Grudge, and Woman in Black.

Charlie Buttermann (Host)

Charlie is a full time single dad to a ten-year-old son and currently resides in Austin, Texas. He grew up the son of candlemakers in the wilds of Arizona and was raised with a huge appreciation for music, film and the arts. His love of the horror genre grew out of watching old Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes with his mom as a child and creature features with his crazy awesome aunt. Growing up, he had a total obsession with monsters and ghosts and all other bump-in-the-night things – an obsession that carries on to this day.

He works a square type of day job but this work is a means to video rentals, festival attending, Fangoria buying, horror VHS scrounging, screenplay writing and all other goings on which are much much cooler.  He is also a board member of the Austin Horror Society which hosts screenings and horror events in Austin. He has covered Fantastic Fest, Housecore Horror Festival, Texas Frightmare Weekend, Austin Film Festival and South By Southwest.

As time and coordination with the other AHS members allow, he will have various video clips from the AHS TV show and interview segments to share here with everyone from big timers like Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik) and Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust) to indie types like Paul Davis (‘The Body’ short) and Madellaine Paxson (Blood Punch). His favorite old classic is either White Zombie or Frankenstein, mid-classic is Creature from the Black Lagoon, quasi more modern is The Fog, super indies but super awesome The Revenant or Absentia. Charlie also dearly loves genre movies in general, anything with the -sploitation on the end of it is fair game.

Matt Allex (host)

Matt is a comedian, writer and performer in Minneapolis, MN with a love of horror and extreme films. Matt was too chicken to watch scary movies until his early teens, but has been doing his best to make up for lost time.

Matt’s favorite horror films include The Exorcist, The Evil Dead trilogy, REC, Dawn of the Dead, and pretty much anything by John Carpenter. He’s a sucker for a good monster movie and still isn’t sick of zombies. Matt also goes out of his way to see films that are considered controversial or too extreme such as Salo or Cannibal Holocaust which means his dinner party conversation sucks.

Chip Limeburner (Community Manager/In-house Artist)

Chip is a cognitive scientist by education, who forsook the path of academia to pursue horror art and design. Growing up, he was shielded from horror films until he was deemed old enough to watch them, at which point his mother took him to Blockbusters and introduced him to the classics. (That’s right, his mom was cool enough to introduce him to horror) Chip mostly gravitates towards gothic horror, 80s slashers that are basically supernatural monsters, and the odd halloween-themed movie (Trick r’ Treat).

Adam Dunn (former host)
Adam is a Filmmaker / VFX artist from MPLS, MN. Adam had a hard time watching horror movies growing up being deathly afraid of Child’s Play, Troll, and The Leprechaun (this seems more like a fear of little people…) but as he got older he fell in love with the genre and hasn’t stopped watching since.

Adams favorite horror movie (actually movie period) is Nightmare on Elm Street 3. Not a big fan of torture porn, or Eastern horror, but will watch pretty much anything.

10 Responses to About Us

  1. I got a question… How do you guys watch a movie? I very rarely just sit and watch TV. I’m usually working on something with my hands, or puttering on my laptop. I kind of wonder if that’s part of the reason it’s been years since a horror movie had me looking over my shoulder or wondering about that little noise upstairs, maybe it’s because I’m partially distracted and not immersed in the action.

    • I try to give a movie that I think has any chance of being good and scary my full attention. This is tempered somewhat lately by my need to take notes so I don’t forget the things I want to talk about. Basically, if I’m looking forward to seeing a movie, I’ll be watching it at night after the kids have gone to bed, either alone or with Gretta. If it’s something that I am watching just to kill an afternoon, or simply because the Netflix description seemed interesting, I may watch it while also cleaning the kitchen or checking email, etc. I think the manner of watching does affect the perceived scare value.

    • Usually I’ll have the laptop open for taking notes, and if the movie doesn’t get hooks in fairly early, I’ll end up redditing and whatnot and there’s little chance the movie’s getting my whole attention back. If a movie gets really interesting early on, I’ll close the laptop and give it my undivided attention. The last one that had me closing the laptop was The Mist.

  2. Could you guys have a tab on the website which lists which movies are discussed in ernest? I listened to the first two episodes of the podcasts but then decided I wanted to watch the movies discussed in the next episode before listening to it. Would you be willing to post a lists to facilitate that for me?

  3. Yeah that’s certainly doable. I’ll try to get that up ASAP. In the meantime, the show notes for each episode always feature the assignments for the following week.

  4. I just discovered that Hammer FIlms now has a Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/hammerfilms/videos?view=0 Only seems to have a handful of full length things so far unfortunately mostly just trailers for now.

  5. I have some some DVD’s of some horror flicks and was wondering if I could send them to you guys. Is there a mail box I can send it to, or does the thought of physical DVD’s not appeal to you?

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