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Some of the best new horror movies aren’t at your local theater or streaming on Netflix. They’re short films, packing a feature’s worth of scares into 15, 10, even 5 minutes. We collected five hours of our favorite new horror shorts for this year’s film festival, many of which you can’t see anywhere but on the festival circuit. Some of these films will chill your blood, some will turn your stomach, some will tickle your funny bone–and some will do all three. Join us for a unique hour of programming every night! Cast your votes and crown the audience favorite for each evening.


Friday, October 25th, 10pmSunday, October 27th, 7pmTuesday, October 29th, 10pmFriday, November 1st, 11:30pmSunday, November 3, 7pm
dir. Theo Watkins

Ted is just trying to pay for his shopping, but the shoddy self-service till and eerily elusive shop workers have other, more sinister ideas. Service is a twisted tech-horror comedy about just how dark a customer service nightmare can get, playing on both the fear and plain annoyance of modern technology.
Dir. Ruben Perez
Dir. Kim Westerlund
A man regains consciousness as he is being buried alive. Overwhelmed by panic, he tries to force his way out of the box he finds himself in, without success. Equipped with nothing but a single lighter, he wallows in hopelessness until a strange sound approaches, and with it, true fear.
Helsinki Mansplaining Massacre
Dir. Ilja Rautsi
Who will survive and what will be explained to them?
The Cunning Man
Dir. Ali Cook
The Cunning Man is inspired by a real Cunning Man, John Harries (c.1785 - 1839). It's an enchanted tale of compassion in the face of callous greed.
dir. Amanda Stoddard

After the death of his beloved cat, Jack embarks on a dark, youthful adventure where he must tackle the modern intricacies of technology while facing death in the flesh.
The Peephole
Dir. Enrique Manzo Escamilla
Montana, GA
Dir. Ryan Dickie
Lyn inherits his late grandfather's mountain house and invites his best buds, Brad and David, for a weekend getaway. What begins as a chill reunion for the middle-aged stoner trio becomes a confrontation with the supernatural that leaves them no assurances besides their eternal friendship.
Back into the Closet
Dir. Noemie Besombes
Zoe, a blind little girl, lives alone with her mother. One day, she finds a monster in the closet in the kitchen.
Dir. David Malcolm
Four friends visit the abandoned Carpenter Hill Hospital for laughs and a maybe a few scares. None of them can know the true darkness that waits for them, a force they find themselves
inexplicably drawn toward...

Dir. Yfke van Berckelaer
Lili (Lisa Smit – Netflix’s Ares) knows she has to nail this audition.
The Man (Derek de Lint – Soldier of Orange/The Unbearable Lightness of
Being) she auditions for, knows this too. Thus starts an uncomfortable
cat and mouse game in this single take #metoo horror, about power, the
misuse of power and female empowerment.
Dir. Ryan Oksenberg
A biohazard remediation cleaner finds the integrity of her business threatened after hiring a technician with an insatiable appetite for his work.
Future Harvest
Dir. Carolyn Corkindale
An elderly woman relaxes on her quaint cottage veranda, enjoying the juicy fruit from her orchard. A horrific reality sets in and her harvest is still juicy but prophetic and terrifyingly unexpected.
One Last Meal
Dir. Jill Gevargizian
You are what you eat.
Re: Possessed Homes
Dir. Matt Landry
After becoming the sole breadwinner for her family, Shirley Parker, a go-getter, mother of two, and real estate godsend, stumbles upon a niche market of homes that prove to be an easy sell in the current cut-throat market with a bit of tidying up. The homes come with a small condition, however: they're possessed.
dir. Matt Losasso
Water Horse
Dir. Sarah Wisner & Sean Temple
Dir. David Barlow-Krelina
Fusing elements of Kafka and Kubrick, Caterpillarplasty is a prescient, grotesque sci-fi satire that lifts plastic surgery to another level.
Dir. Sylvia Conesa
Assembling flatpack furniture can really put a strain on a relationship.
Dir. Juan Felipe Zuleta
The Game of the Clock
Dir. Michele Olivieri
The game is on. The clock is ticking. Can you survive five minutes?
Dir. Katie Bonham
Low Tide
Dir. Ian Hunt Duffy
Jack, 10 years old, is excited about heading out to sea on a fishing trip with his Dad. But things take a sudden dark turn when his Dad stops the boat and tells Jack that they have hit a sea monster.
Dir. Colin Bishopp
All Mary-Alice wants is a puppy. But first she needs to get something straight.
The Video Store Commercial
Dir. Cody Kennedy
A desperate video store owner hires a crew to shoot a commercial in his shop. But when they accidentally destroy a cursed VHS, all their lives are suddenly in danger. Even worse, their commercial may never get finished...
Dir. Vincenzo Aiello
A young woman finds a strange piece of puzzle in her apartment.
Dir. Evan Powers
A home invasion goes awry - who is the pig and who is the wolf?
From Life
Dir. Uli Meyer
An amateur artist sketching in a churchyard has a series of encounters with a young woman, who we might come to believe is a ghost. In fact, the truth is stranger than that.

Dead Animals
Dir. David Oesch & Remo Rickenbacher
"With a heavy heart, a man
brings his dead cat to the animal carcass
disposal. When a mysterious taxidermist gives him her business card, he
is intrigued to find out if the death of his pet might just be the
Dir. Chad Thurman & Neal O'Bryan
A starving boy eats a toe he finds protruding from the ground. Later that night, something dead comes to his home wanting it back.
Dir. Ethan Evans
In a town acclaimed for honouring ancient folklore, a young girl finds herself vulnerable to a sinister mythological farmer after failing to contribute to the annual tradition.
Love It
Dir. Pam Covington
Under the Parasol
Dir. Stanislava Buevich
Marie comes to the beach to catch some sun. However, it is nighttime...
Third Wheel
Dir. Daniel Delpurgatorio
We can't all be perfect.

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