Episode 455 – Honey Soul Pot

Movies discussed: The Banality, The Bigfoot Trap, Abruptio, Stag, Agatha, Brightwood, Blue Hour: The Disappearance of Nick Brandreth, Satan Wants You, Invoking Yell, No Signature Required (short), How to Make a Ghost (short), Bad Penny (short), Scumbags (short), Buzzkill (short), Feng Shui (short), A Strange and Terrible Dream (short), Otherkin (short), Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath (short), The Fore-Men (short), HIMS (short), That’s Our Time (short), Tanjiro (short), Pool Party (short), The Internet Remains Undefeated (short), Prom Car ’91 (short), The Wheel (short), A Bloody Graveyard Story (short), Bug Bites! (short), Demon Box (short), Ditched (short), Lichemoth (short), We Forgot About the Zombies (short), Kickstart My Heart (short), La Nueva (short), Earworm (short), Denali (short), Searchers (short), Soul Proprietor (short)

We had a LOT of raw material this week, as there were 15 feature films and a host of shorts in the Panic Film Festival.

Matt and Charlie watched everything. Josh watched 5 movies and all the shorts, because he is the lazy one.

(Note: The rest of the podcast doesn’t necessarily agree that Josh is the lazy one, some believe there is no lazy one, only Zuul.)

Next episodes assignments:

Witchfinder General

The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One

Evil Dead Rise

Ignore It (short)

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next week.

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