Episode 460 – Giallo Shots

Movies discussed: The Elderly, Space Happy, Blow Up My Life, American Meltdown, We Might Hurt Each Other, Trim Season, Hell Hath No Fury, Summoning the Spirit, Wintertide, King on Screen, A Wandering Path, Poundcake, Sour Party, Soft Liquid Center, Brutal Season, The Last Movie Ever Made, Followers, Necronomicon, Splinter (short), They Call It . . . Red Cemetery (short), Dead Enders (short), The Promotion (short), Punch the Boss (short), Solitude (short), Gnomes! (short), Greetings (short), Fin. (short), Glitch (short), The Businessman (short), Don’t Let Kyle Sit Down (short), Don’t Look Too Far Ahead (short), The Lizard Laughed (short), Gold and Mud (short), Shallots and Garlic (short), Likeness (short), Fetal Position (short)

Behold the monster episode that covers our Chattanooga Film Festival experience! We watched so much stuff y’all. In the interest of time and everyone’s sanity, we tried to focus on the stuff we liked best out of what we saw. As a result, you get an episode with reviews of mostly positive things for you to look forward to, which is more fun and useful. Thanks for being patient with us in the delay getting this one out, we had some technical difficulties. Enjoy!

Next episodes assignments:


Children of the Corn (2023)

There’s Something Wrong With the Children

The Changing Room (short)

Watch along with us if you like and we’ll see you next episode.

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