TCHF Fun Size Mini-Episode – AMP

More Twin Cities Horror Festival goodness for your earholes! Matt gets a chance to have a very enlightening conversation with the team behind AMP!

New York solo performer Jody Christopherson (the writer-performer of St Kilda) returns to TCHF with AMP. Before Mary Shelley was considered one of the greatest writers in the canon, she was the unconventional daughter of anarchist philosophers William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft. Profoundly isolated, yet surrounded by literati, risking everything in laudanum fueled journey to embrace freedom, she created a genre that embraced revolting in both senses of the word. Scientist Luigi Galvani’s galvanizing discovery of “animal electricity” acts as an electric undercurrent, unleashing the power of women’s creative genius, along with haze and period costumes.

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