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  • The Twin Cities Horror Festival Approacheth!

    Woe betide the listener who misses out on seeing the Horror Show Hot Dog Short Film Festival at the Twin Cities Horror Festival!


    Hey Hot Doggies! As we approach the Ice Cream Christmas of horror, Halloween, we wanted to tell you to mark your calendars for our shows at the Twin Cities Horror Festival. We’ll have further details as the event draws nearer, but for now, here’s some basics to help you plan a visit:

    First off, here’s the schedule for our showtimes:

    HSHD Short Film Festival
    Horror Show Hot Dog

    Fri, Oct 25 @ 10pm
    Sun, Oct 27 @ 7pm
    Tue, Oct 29 @ 10pm
    Fri, Nov 1 @ 11:30pm
    Sun, Nov 3 @ 7pm

    For each night’s schedule, check out the festival home page.

    Remember, each night is a different set of short films, so you are rewarded by multiple viewings!

    Tickets and multi-show passes are available now! You can find information about that here.

    Be sure to look at the entire line up for this year, there are a great deal of kick ass producers bringing their shows to the festival.

    Lastly, if you are local or can be here, but finances are tight, there is hope! We are looking for volunteers to usher/take tickets. The sweet benefit of this selfless act? You can watch the show during your shift, or if you like, use a shift as a credit to see a different show at a later time. To sign up, simply email tchfvolunteers@gmail.com for more information. (Don’t be shy, you’re just talking to Matt)

    Thanks for checking our show out and we’ll see you at the TCHF!